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How is the service?

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$  2,000
  • 100 Overall Characters
  • 0 Google Clould Plateform Characters
  • 0 Amazon Polly Characters
  • 0 IBM Whatson Characters
  • 0 Microsoft Azure Characters
  • 0 Audio Separations
  • 6000 Minutes Of Audio Duration
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  • 100 Overall Characters
  • 0 Google Clould Plateform Characters
  • 0 Amazon Polly Characters
  • 0 IBM Whatson Characters
  • 0 Microsoft Azure Characters
  • 0 Audio Separations
  • 0 Minutes Of Audio Duration
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  • 10000 Overall Characters
  • 0 Google Clould Plateform Characters
  • 0 Amazon Polly Characters
  • 0 IBM Whatson Characters
  • 0 Microsoft Azure Characters
  • 0 Audio Separations
  • 0 Minutes Of Audio Duration
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Dimond 123

  • 10000 Overall Characters
  • 0 Google Clould Plateform Characters
  • 0 Amazon Polly Characters
  • 0 IBM Whatson Characters
  • 0 Microsoft Azure Characters
  • 0 Audio Separations
  • 0 Minutes Of Audio Duration
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AI Tech Talk: How to Get the Most Out of Amazon Polly, a Text-to-Speech Service

Although there are many ways to optimize the speech generated by Amazon Polly‘s text-to-speech voices, new customers may find it challenging to quickly learn how to apply the most effective enhancements in each situation. The objective of this webinar is to educate customers about all of the ways in which they can modify the speech output, and to learn some insider tips to help them get the most out of the Polly service. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the available tools and techniques available for modifying Polly speech output, including SSML tags, lexicons, and punctuation. Other topics will include recommendations for streamlining the process of applying these techniques, and how to provide feedback that the Polly team can use to continually improve the quality of voices for you.

Learning Objectives

  • Build a simple speech-enabled app with Polly’s text-to-speech voices.
  • Learn about the complete set of available SSML tags, and how you can apply them in order to modify and enhance your speech output.
  • Learn how you can override the default Polly pronunciation for specific words, by creating a lexicon of these words, along with the pronunciation that matches your needs.
  • Learn about how you can use punctuation to modify the way text is spoken by Polly voices.
  • Get insider tips on the best speech optimization techniques to apply to each of the most common speech production concerns.
  • Discover ways to streamline the process of getting the most out of Polly voices through SSML tags and lexicons.
  • Find out the best way to submit your feedback on Polly voices, pronunciation, and the available feature set, so that we can continue to improve this service for you!
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6 Advantages of Adding Text to Speech Tool to Your Marketing Kit

There is a new tech tool in town; move over, robotic voices! Learn how text-to-speech may increase accessibility and engage your remote students without breaking the bank.

There is a new tech tool in town; move over, robotic voices! Learn how text-to-speech may increase accessibility and engage your remote students without breaking the bank.

The world is changing rapidly, and everyone is moving towards acquiring a part of tech advancement in their businesses. It is helping businesses to scale up their process better than traditional strategies. Similarly, text-to-speech software is an emerging technology making everyone’s life easier.

The "quality journey of a customer" is crucial. The software connects directly with the end-user, who could be anyone. Whether the objective is to buy, sell, or engage in content creation, both are acceptable.

Content owners can respond to various requirements and wishes by connecting with machine users, online learners, teachers, or educators via various platforms, including websites, applications, devices, or services for the text of speeches. Let's learn a little about Text-to-Speech and how it enables users to engage with the information.


What does TTS Technology mean?

Text-to-speech tools enable end users to access your material anywhere, regardless of their reading level, learning style, visual impairment, or language barrier. In addition, folks who are curious about listening might use this technique.

The accessibility option becomes ever-closer with TTS. Approximately 15% to 20% of people globally have a language-based learning problem, which you may not be aware of. In addition, 14% of US adults lack a high school diploma or equivalent, though many do. The general public can better understand website free text thanks to Audible online content. The content is read aloud and highlighted simultaneously to make it simple for the reader to follow along.

TTS enhances learning and uses technology to help as many students as possible comprehend and retain material in various linguistic idioms.

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Benefits of text-to-speech AI technology for businesses

There are multiple benefits of using text-to-speech tools in your business. Their impact on the growth of businesses is endless. Text-to-speech helps engage with the audience by providing the best quality voiceovers, client satisfaction, workflow efficiencies, etc.

1) Best Quality Voice Overs

No matter the industry, marketing professionals constantly strive to connect with customers no matter the industry because many people prefer to watch videos with high-quality voiceovers.

The problem is that it can be challenging to find someone with a lovely and distinct voice can be challenging. Furthermore, most businesses lack the resources necessary to produce a high-quality voice-over, such as specialized recording equipment, microphones, room acoustics, and software.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) voices surpass human performers since these text-to-speech voices have exceptional quality and an AI voice that accurately represents a brand.

Without the need for professional recording, AI voices allow marketing companies to obtain a clear, extremely professional-sounding voice-over in just a few easy steps.

Read this: A step by step guide to adding TTS to your videos

2) Workflow Efficiencies

Managing a voice production process is time-consuming and expensive; retakes and content modifications can cause your entire timetable to slip. In addition, every time you need a content update, you can't afford to cram yourself back onto an agency's schedule, and finding a coworker in another department to fill in for you isn't efficient.

With text-to-speech, you may quickly post your content online and subsequently get an audio version; no appointment setting, calendar planning, or contract renegotiation is necessary.

Read here -

3) Great End-user Experience

Any business marketing department frequently struggles to control wait times or delayed resolutions, which can quickly result in angry and disgruntled customers.

However, an AI Voice generator can be quite helpful in this situation since it can connect with numerous customers simultaneously, thus cutting down on wait times and raising customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the technology can assist marketing teams in producing better, more tailored, personalized suggestions by seamlessly processing client information.

4) Cost Savings

Voiceover production using conventional methods is expensive. It is blatantly inefficient to pay for a voiceover every time you need to update some content to change a few words. Simply said, doing content creation and updating that way is not cost-effective.

Similar to how you could simply pay to have a podcast episode transcribed, text-to-speech technology enables you to pay a flexible charge to convert your content to audio as necessary.

5) Customization

AI text-to-speech solutions provide a great yet simple means of addressing a larger audience and producing unique user experiences.

For instance, marketing and sales staff can send films to potential customers to build rapport and inform them about questions and challenging goods or services.

The best aspect is that these movies are simple to understand and are tailored to a particular prospect. Using a text-to-speech voice tool, you may quickly turn your script or home recordings into professional voices that go well with your video.

6) Increase in Engagement

Making information regarding harassment, regulatory compliance, or cybersecurity engaging enough to maintain employees' attention through multiple courses is no easy undertaking. It is much simpler, though, if your voice sounds more human, natural, and high-quality.

Your content starts to work, your employees are engaged, and your work becomes safer and more secure. Everyone benefits.


Today's corporate environment is predominately sales- and marketing-focused, necessitating a rapid lead generation and integration movement.

Voice AI technology has the potential to change the game in this area by assisting marketing teams in more effective campaign planning, strategy analysis, and target audience understanding.

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‍Text-to-speech in YouTube videos

Looking to add professional voiceover audio to your YouTube videos? Use Listnr to generate voiceovers in multiple languages and accents.

If you are a YouTuber, you might be more knowledgeable of TTS and if not, then you should learn more about AI Voice or text to speech programs. These will transform the way you see and revise your videos, and they can be more than beneficial in conserving both your time and money.

Speech synthesis is a significant factor of TTS software and has been around for centuries, in some conditions at least. Of course, technology has particularly enhanced in the past couple of years. Today, it is an integral tool for YouTubers and YouTube channels.


Text-to-speech in YouTube videos


YouTube is the most famous video outlet in the world today, and while many people are looking to try their hand at making content, not everyone is from an English-speaking nation, which can make it problematic for creators who aren't as fluent in English to gain a multinational audience.

Nevertheless, rather than limiting the spectators and consumers, people can use text-to-speech tools to describe their videos for them and guarantee that they have a broader sweep. Using a TTS tool suggests that you can smoothly compose a script, and the app will go over it to you out loud in a synthesized voice.

Since not every video editing software recommends this functionality, you will likely have to find a TTS app elsewhere. Fortunately, there are plenty of dissimilar Tylar options for you to check out.

Getting a text-to-speech app is quite straightforward. They are functional for all sorts of apparatuses, and you can even operate them on your smartphone. Nevertheless, video editing compromises that you will presumably require to use your PC, which is why desktop apps are the best alternative.


The only thing you will require to do after the app is inaugurated is to write a video script, and the app will do the rest. These “read-aloud” devices are coming to be more popular by the day, and they might be a perfect acquisition for your editing tools.


How to use text-to-speech for YouTube videos


There is a tandem of phases you will require to seize to be able to use the text-to-speech procedure on your YouTube videos. The foremost is, undoubtedly, to find software that can do the same.

Since text-to-voice technology resumes to turn over a new leaf by the day, there are numerous distinct apps and agendas you can discover on the demand—and as anticipated, some are more reasonable than others.

From there on, you will be required to set up the app based on your appreciation, and there is an assortment of diverse opportunities you can discover. Some TTS apps allow you to modify the speed of looking over, pronunciation, language, and many more characteristics.

The type of background will hinge on the app of your preference. Some propositions are more than others. Once everything is inclined, you can move to the fun portion. These apps permit you to veer around a transcription into audio with a few taps.

The next thing on your intellect should be to build a script, and you can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any additional text processor. Once you jot down everything you require, just run the app, and the software will look over it aloud for you.


Advantages of TTS Software


There are considerable advantages to employing text-to-speech software, and it can deliver so much for users. Over 50% of users prefer audiobooks, and they appreciate the fact that you can smoothly veer around any portion of content into an audio file or podcast.

Likewise, being able to attend to the text rather than reading it will devote so much time. You can do anything else while still listening to the content. This enhances productivity, and it will be a game-changer for you.

It is worth mentioning that apps like Listnr are also evolved to administer to people who have reading complications. This comprises Dyslexia, ADHD, and even administering the visually deformed or multitude incapable to converse with their voice.

When it comes to video editing, text to voice generator can enable narration and put commentary to the video. At the same time, they eradicate the necessity for experienced voiceovers, and they can conserve so much money in the procedure. 

The accessibility and versatility of text-to-speech generators are what make them so prevalent and beneficial to the populace across the planet. Finally, some apps can synthesize speech using authentic voice recordings of the consumer.

This authorizes you to employ your voice for the speech generator, and it only enhances usage even more.

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